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Millions of Searches Performed this year

How to Dig Deeper With Background Checks

Do you need to dig into a person’s background? When you receive an instant background check from you will receive the information you requested but you’ll also discover:

  • – What information is and is not revealed in a background check
  • – How you can ensure you receive an accurate background check
  • – How to get the most comprehensive information
  • – The different types of background checks
  • – Information about trends and hot topics in security.

By learning this information, you can determine if the person you seek to hire, your new neighbor or your tenants are safe and reliable. You’ll be able to see if they have a background that includes acts of violence or crimes that make be a threat to you, your business, or your family’s safety.


Obtaining a background check during the employment process can help minimize risk. According to a Society for Human Resouce Management study, 70 percent of companies screen applicants for criminal histories, using background checks.

If a position requires that the employee has financial responsibilities, a company may also request information about the applicant’s financial history and credit score. Employers may also compile information from public records and professional associations. This data can be used to confirm an applicant’s work history and experience, ensuring they are qualified for the position. A background check makes it easier for an employer to locate false information on an application or CV.

Job Seekers

A person looking for a job can use a background check to verify information attached to their name. This can be useful, even if the person has no financial troubles or criminal history. A background check can include inaccurate, missing, and outdated reports.

If your identity has been stolen, a background check may contain data based on the unlawful use of your personal information. Even an outdated speeding violation can trigger a red flag for some employers, so it’s important to make sure your identity information is up-to-date and accurate.


A background check can help protect your family from people who may have a negative influence. The information you receive may reveal facts that will confirm or reject your suspicions.

A background check can protect children by gathering information about the people in their lives. Whether it’s your ex-partner’s new spouse or a child care provider, a quick check into their background is one way to ensure your children are safe.


Run A Background Check:


Millions of Searches Performed this year

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